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 Does Anyone Else Want a Reboot of the series?

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PostSubject: Does Anyone Else Want a Reboot of the series?   Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:12 am

As for a reboot? Well here are my ideas..
First of all, Capcom needs to ask or at least offer Mikami to have at least some input in the game, he is the father of the series and all..
But in terms of what I'd ant in the game? Well the biggest thing, and what everyone seems to want?

Yes yes, but we can't have the same slow-lumbering T-Virus Undead, we'd need a new breed and new virus to give us the the 28 Days Later/Left 4 Dead type infect ala Fast, Vicious and Relentless.
That's not necessarily saying I want them to be classified as "Infected", screw that; there can't just be "Fast" Zombies?
Of course there can! But moving on to my 2nd and only other real "Want" from the game.

It has to be scary, it has to be a Survival Horror game.
Now sure, we all love popping off headshots in RE4 and 5 and 2, 3 and Code Veronica had their share of action, but still.
To me, RE4 maintained being a Survival Horror, or at least a horror game.
I want the seclusion, overt atmosphere and vibe, I want to be scared.
RE4 had a lot of that in my opinion, but still had a overt amount of action, with the plentiful action.
5? *sigh* It's a damn 3rd Person Action game, it's fun and I love and enjoy it, especially for wrapping up FOR ME a lot of the main story of the series. But it lacked HORROR. It was intense, sure but not scary.
You had quite a few "OH CRAP" moments with Lickers, swarms of enemies, etc but it didn't scary me, it didn't make wish I had someone in the room watching me play or wait till it was completely bright outside to play. Very Happy

And I get that feeling from playing RE2 and 3, and heck of course 4 in quite a few parts (Regenerators, Reapers, etc).

Irony? Capcom knows, THEY KNOW we want a Survival Horror game.
How? I got the feeling, that creeping up my spine, while playing Lost in Nightmares, it was to me? Generally what a RE game show be. Creepy, Atmospheric, that "Oh CRAP I'm gonna die" feeling. The feeling of unknown around the corner.

That's all I've got for now, let me know your thoughts on a reboot, what you thought of my post, etc.
Peace. Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Does Anyone Else Want a Reboot of the series?   Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:14 am

Yeah, RE4 & RE5 weren't reboots, they were just continuations, like the other sequels.

If you pay attention to each game, RE4 really implements many elements, and you can see that Capcom didn't just pull it out of their ass. RE4 was definately survival/horror, and when I was playing the beginning just recently, I forgot how great it was.

I don't know if I want a reboot, as I found RE5's gameplay, the overall control scheme mixed with the plethora of melee possibilities to be nearly perfected.

Music wise, RE5 was definately amazing.

Anyway, if reboot means making it into something not RE, I am not exactly on board, but I will probably buy it anyway.

I have to say that RE's current story still has many loose ends. Of course Nite mentioned Sherry, and I still really want to see how that all goes down, especially since everyone including myself thought Sherry was the blonde lady in RE5(and it just seems like they changed it at the last minute as it seems stupid to just have some american woman in Africa just to get attacked...I don't understand the significance). Also, in case anyone hasn't played Lost In Nightmares, I am going to ruin one of the things you learn in there-in a file, it shows a listing of all of the Wesker Children, 001-013, of course the last one being Albert, but they also talk a bit about a guy named Alex, whom Spencer seems to have a relationship with, and he just dissapears. Alex happens to be 012 on the list, making him Alex Wesker, and he could certainly show up, not to mention the other characters like Nicholai who have yet to get an ending, or the other hero characters that haven't been seen from or heard of(including Barry & Rebecca who are just showing up in Mercs Reunion).

I would also really like for another Chronicles game, one that maybe goes over Survivor, Dead Aim, maybe some new stuff...as both of those games were really great, just being all remade and pretty would be plain epic.Smile Resident Evil: Survivor Chronicles, I can see it now.

Also, I have to agree with Soul about having Shinji Mikami contacted. Of course since he left RE has taken a turn for the worst. He was responsible for RE4, which was of course great(which is hard to say since most people have alot of anamosity towards it and newer games in the series(as a result of overpopularity(much like with characters like Leon & Wesker, but I digress))), but he was pissed that they ported it onto the PS2. Anyway since he left, certain characters voices have been destroyed and annihilated(Wesker, DC Douglas replacing Richard Waugh), and many other things that wouldn't have happened had he still been around, like all kinds of lazy things that are overlooked by the higher ups at Capcom currently(civillian Ada wearing all kinds of tactical gear, and her hair color not being the same in UC or Darkside).

I will say that Darkside was one of the best RE experiences I have had in a long time, the music, voices(minus DC Douglas and a couple of others), and the gameplay was far improved over it's predecessor, 10/10.

I guess I mean I will just have to wait like everyone else to see what we get, as for now RE5's latest additions will keep me playing for awhile.Smile

"The ultimate lifeform...Tyrant", Albert Wesker, REmake
"It's sheer perfection...My precious G-Virus", William Birkin, RE2

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Posts : 30
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PostSubject: Re: Does Anyone Else Want a Reboot of the series?   Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:42 am

I don't think a complete reboot is necessary. I agree that RE5 was not survival horror at all. Well, it was survival, because if you didn't pwn majini, you didn't survive. But it wasn't horror. I'll give RE4 the fact that it had like at least 5 minutes worth of horror in the form of regenerators and iron maidens. But I loathe the game in almost every other aspect. To me, the only good points of the game were: Voice acting, exploding sunglasses, Wesker cameo, regenerators and iron maidens, and the fact that if you looked up Ashley's skirt she calls you a perv. What I want to see out of the next installment is for Sherry Birkin to either be the new villain out of rage for happened to her parents (and throughout some more installments, slowly turn to the good side), or be the protagonist (again, fueled by rage for what bioterrorism did to her parents.) I know it would work, you know it would work, they know it would work, Spike knows it would work, Twisted Evil <--He knows it would work, Charles Manson knows it would work. Jamesy is the only one who doesn't know it would work.
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PostSubject: Re: Does Anyone Else Want a Reboot of the series?   Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:45 am

Now while continuing certain aspects of the story, and Sherry, agreed is a big factor, added the other characters we haven't seen (Barry, Rebecca and namely Billy Coen Smile )
But I can only take so much of it, especially with everything being so convoluted as it is now.
Sure there is the certain story elements that haven't been cleared, but overarching one has been resolved, Capcom can only drag things out and screw them up even more storywise, especially with Mikami gone.

Though as I said in the main post, I want a "Survival HORROR" game, that said!
You can, gameplay wise keep the "Over-the-shoulder aim and shoot" style of 4 & 5 and EASILY through in some decently well placed puzzles and and just add the mood, vibe and atmosphere.
Lost in Nightmares proved that.
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Posts : 30
Join date : 2010-03-31

PostSubject: Re: Does Anyone Else Want a Reboot of the series?   Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:46 am

Oh yes, don't want to forget Barry, but I can't help but feel that they should keep his story a mystery, everything after him and Rebecca split.

Yeah that also being a problem, if they continue they could just ruin everything. They should be like Friends and end it while it is still good.

RE4 was survival/Horror, and RE5 was too, definately alot less, but the atmosphere, music, and everything helped make it as much of those two elements as it could be. At the same time alot of the stuff in RE5 was definately not worthy of being in an RE game. The parts in the game where you have tons of enemies shooting at you with AK's is a prime example, it was set up so that you had to do it like an action game, although because it still plays like RE(overall), you weren't able to handle it like an action game, thus causing some frustrating situations....

And yes, LIN showed how it could work, and if it were put into a more lenghty title, it could really be quite amazing. I have no real preferrence for the camera angles or the over-the-shoulder camera, as long as it plays like RE and has the great story to keep me playing I will be happy. Also good voices and music(basically everything in the series has had pretty great music so far, some more than others).
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PostSubject: Re: Does Anyone Else Want a Reboot of the series?   

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Does Anyone Else Want a Reboot of the series?
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